Collection of field observations shared by citizens. The observations is uploaded to GBIF at a resolution of 1x1 km, except for some species of conservation concern for which data are shown at 10x10 km resolution. Data are referred of all vertebrates except marine fishes, dragonflies, diurnal butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, freshwater bivalves and decapods. It has been uploaded one record of every observed species in every UTM 1x1 km or 10x10 km selected randomly of the global data registered in

Data provided in this collection is stored in website This website is free but if you will query the original data you must register in the portal and report at least one observation made in Catalonia. Then you can get single observation using the URL provided in associated media.

Temporal coverages: Date range: 01-ene-2013 - 31-dic-2016

Taxonomic Coverage: Field observation of animals submitted in website

Type of content

Includes: point occurrence data, gbif import, common names, scientific names.


Anton M (2017). Data collected on scitizen science web portal Version 2.5. ICO-Institut Català d'Ornitologia (Catalan Ornithological Institute). Occurrence Dataset accessed via on 2017-09-27.


Creative Commons 4.0 (CC0)

Digitised records

Looking up... the number of records that can be accessed through the Atlas of Living Spain. This resource was last checked for updated data on 03 Nov 2016. The most recent data was published o 03 Nov 2016.

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