This Herbarium was founded by Blas Lázaro e Ibiza in 1892. Its central nucleus was the Herbarium of the Linneana Matritensis Society that, by proposal of Fausto Garagarza (professor of physical Techniques), was stored in the Faculty of Pharmacy in December of 1892. The collection of plants of P. A. Pourret was included soon. This collection was inherited of the School of Pharmacy of Santiago. To the death of B. Lázaro a structure of 27 closets existed. In those the collections of Marcelo Rivas Mateo, Máximo Laguna y José María Pérez Lara had been stored. Later, the collections of the different professors of the Faculty were included. Among those, the collecions of José Cuatrecasas and Manuel López Figueiras and some collections acquired by this, the herbaria of Touton and Huguet del Villar are remarkable. Salvador Rivas Goday was the responsible for the current location of the collections (100 closets) and of the great increment of those by means of collecting and exchange. José Borja is one of the most important collaborators of Rivas Goday.

The MAF was included in the Index Herbariorum in 1993 and it actively participates in the creation of the Association of Herbaria Iberian-macaroneesic (AHIM).

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include Plantae.

Includes members from the following taxa:
Coniferophyta, Equisetopsida, Gnetophyta, Liliatae, Lycophyta, Magnoliatae, Pteridophyta..

Geographic range

África del Norte, principalmente Europa, algunos/as resto del mundo

Number of in the collection

The estimated number of is 210,000.

Of these 4,971 are databased. This represents 2.4 % of the collection.

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contains these significant collections:

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Universidad Complutense, Facultad de Farmacia

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José Pizarro-Domínguez

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The collections has 210,000 records.
The collection has databased 2.4 % of these (4,971 records).

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