The herbarium was founded in 1968. It stores 750 sheets of seaweeds, 134 sheets of lichens, 2555 sheets of mosses, Anthocerota and liverworts and 26595 sheets of vascular plants (the best represented genus are Festuca, Viola, Juncus, Erysimum, Ulex, Narcissus and Saxifraga). It also has a xylotheca with 400 samples of fossil and extant woods, and a palynotheca with 4000 samples of spores and pollen grains.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include Fungi and Plantae.

Includes members from the following taxa:
Bryophyta, Chlorophyta, Coniferophyta, Equisetopsida, Lycophyta, Magnoliophyta, Musci, Phaeophyta, Pteridophyta, Rhodophyta.

Geographic range

Principalmente norte de la Península Ibérica, algunos/as otras áreas ibéricas

Spanish regions covered include:España.

Number of in the collection

The estimated number of is 66,762.

Of these 66,762 are databased. This represents 100.0 % of the collection.

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contains these significant collections:

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Catedrático Rodrígo Uría, s/n


Herminio Nava Fernández
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The collections has 66,762 records.
The collection has databased 100.0 % of these (66,762 records).

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