The Herbarium JACA stored a collection of sheets of vascular plants (including ferns). It was created in 1965.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include Plantae.

Includes members from the following taxa:
Coniferophyta, Equisetopsida, Liliatae, Lycophyta, Magnoliatae, Pteridophyta.

Geographic range

Principalmente Pirineos, algunos/as resto de la Península Ibérica, algunos/as Valle del Ebro (España).

Number of in the collection

The estimated number of is 275,000.

Of these 50,939 are databased. This represents 18.5 % of the collection.

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contains these significant collections:

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Daniel Gómez García

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The collections has 275,000 records.
The collection has databased 18.5 % of these (50,939 records).

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